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ESL / ELT Resources

(Click here for ESL Teacher and Student Resources.)

Christian ESL / ELT Resources

1. Bible Exploration Workbooks: Luke's Ancient Biography of Jesus is a workbook for thoughtful internationals with no background in the Bible. View the workbooks online and order a print or electronic version.

2. InterVarsity's International Student Ministry's website is full of resources. It's new and growing.

***Watch for International Groups Investigating God. I and my writing team just finished it. It is a guide to help Christian international students, even new believers, introduce their friends to Jesus through four informal Bible discussions - we call them GIGs. We are in the middle of a field test, but will have previews on InterVarsity's website soon. Email me if you have questions.

3. InterVarsity Press publishes Passport to the Bible. It was written by InterVarsity staff who work with internationals. The thought-provoking questions are helpful for those with limited biblical knowledge. The language in the guide is at an advanced level. Other Bible study guides published by IVP are useful for people with a lower English or Bible level only if the leader is skilled at supplementing comprehension aids and activities.

4. Story of the Kingdom is a summary of the whole Bible that was written for internationals with no biblical background. Each short chapter reviews the previous and links to the overall themes of scripture. The language is clear and the repetition helps with understanding. This represents a huge amount of work. It is not possible to do this without interpretation, but the "booklet" (124 pages) and the "study guide" (312 pages) are quite good. Have a look (I am still reviewing it, too.) Don't miss the PowerPoint presentation. It can be reviewed and purchased on the web, and the pre-publication printed version is available from the website,

5. John Stott's Ministry has a popular introduction to the faith. There is now a version for internationals: Christianity Explored - Easy English Version. You can order it online,

6. Campus Crusade for Christ publishes Windows to the World. The author, Doris Edwards, is an ESL teacher. It accompanies the Jesus film based on the Gospel of Luke. Its twelve lessons follow a "communicative, integrated skills, functional" approach. It is written for high beginning language learners in a non-academic (adult education) setting. Each lesson is two and one-half hours in length. One the same website, you can watch or listen to the Jesus Film on-line in fifty-five languages, the entire production! This film is taken entirely from the book of Luke. The Jesus Film website also offers "Who is Jesus really?" including an interactive study, and "Historic Jesus." On the historic site you choose an event in Jesus' life, then click on Biblical references for that event (a chart) , historical and cultural information, character profile s with photos from the film, and seventeen maps. This is valuable with any New Testament study.,

7. MultiLanguage Media distributes several Bible studies and books about teaching ESL, including .

8. CRC Publications publishes the Open Door Bible Studies for adult literacy and ESL. These studies; on Old Testament characters, Exodus, and Jesus, are written at a high-beginning language level. They begin with a modern-day story, include the text in simplified story form, and then have lots of observation questions.

9. Literacy and Evangelism International publishes Passport to the World of English. It is used in churches in the US and in mission settings. The first three levels work on basic English skills: the alphabet, sound-symbol correspondence, and basic reading and writing. The fourth level is a reading text of the Gospel of Luke, called an "ESL Study Edition." It is "especially annotated and illustrated for ESL use" with accompanying audiotapes and gospel songs.

10. International Students, Inc. has some Bible study guides for international students, as well: Discovering God, Walking with God, Putting God First, Sharing God with Others, Meeting God, I Am, Jesus the Liberator, and The Way of Life.

11. Resource Pages for Bible studies, such as

Networking Groups for Christian Teachers

1. Christian Educator's Caucus in TESOL, Teacher's of English to Speaker's of Other Languages. This site also has resources.

2. ACMI, Association of Christian's Ministering to Internationals. We have an ESL interest group.

ESL / ELT Teacher Resources

Student Sites

1. The Internet TESL Journal-Activities for ESL Students (Excellent)

2. ESL Study Hall

3. Dave's ESL Café with student discussion groups and lots of practice

4. Karin's ESL Partyland

5. Randall's ESL Listening Lab (OK with low tech machines / has some video for the better-equipped)

7. Help with the TOEFL: index sites and


Teacher Idea Sites
Check out the student sites listed. Many have teacher pages, such as the first three listed here. Also see the links at these sites.

1. ESL Resources for Alternative Assessment and EL Civics Assessment Resources

2. The Internet TESL Journal http://www.iteslj/t

3. Dave's ESL Café with teacher pages, and his Idea Cookbook (links)

4. Karin's ESL Partyland -Teacher Pages

5. Ohio University's ESL Site

6. English Teacher's Assistant Newsletter


Author Sites / Book Sites
You can find lots of pages that connect with an author or a book. Here are two examples

1. Joy Luck Club You can find author pages - book pages - fan club pages - China news site - China and San Francisco travel sites - majong - Begin with

2. The Gospel of Luke: You can watch or listen to the biography of Jesus on-line in fifty-five languages, a feature film! This film is taken entirely from the Gospel of Luke in the Bible. The Jesus Film website also offers "Who is Jesus really?" including an interactive study, and "Historic Jesus." On the historic site you choose an event in Jesus' life, then click on Biblical references for that event (a chart) , historical and cultural information, character profile s with photos from the film, and seventeen maps.,

3. All the publisher's sites have useful pages that go with textbooks. I like the work of Lionel Menasche for his book on writing research papers. It's actually his own site.

4. I am just beginning to develop a site for beginning ESL to go with my new software project. The site will be You can go there now to see some screen shots.

5. Also check out Books on Line


Research Sites

1. News sites, such as CNN (audio clips are helpful) or BBC

2. News sites from other countries that are in English, such as the Jerusalem Post

3. Travel Sites with maps and background information, city sites, etc.

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